Big Cannon Cliff
Climbing & Bouldering Guide

The Big Cannon Cliff Climbing & Bouldering Guide is available in two formats: PDF and HTML. (The latest update is September 2002.)

Preferably, you may view and print the PDF file which includes the table of routes,  the topo graphic, and a map with directions to the area organized on a single page in portrait format. Some of the graphic information is quite fine, so I'd recommend a lazer printer or higher end inkjet.

Alternately, you may use your web browser to view and print the HTML version of the table of routes. You can then view and save the graphic of route topos (112k GIF file). If you want the directions on how to get to Big Cannon Cliff, take a look at the "Taiwan Climbing Locations" page on this site.

You may feel free to use this guide for your individual private use as long as it is not redistributed or republished in any form and as long as it is not used in any way for commercial profit.

The new Lungtung Rock Climb Guide has a guide to Big Cannon Cliff (Da Pau Yan) in the back. The guide here only has nine more routes listed (99 total), so you may not want to bother with this guide if you plan on buying the guidebook.

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